Praise for Winged Words Editorial Services


“Janet Hulstrand provided insight and clarity and was an enormous help during all stages of the project…This book would not have been possible without her dedicated editorial assistance.” Caroline Kennedy, coauthor, In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action

“You helped my dull prose to ‘sing’ a little. Thanks for your help.” Andrew Young, author, A Way Out of No Way and An Easy Burden

“Thanks for your invaluable, thoughtful, imaginative, and dedicated editorial contribution to my biographical work on my father.” Paul Robeson, Jr., author, The Undiscovered Paul Robeson

“Thank you for your vital role in making the publication and use of this material possible. We are getting great response to the Strategic Plan and quite frankly, it has been essential in allowing us to weave our way through these turbulent times. Thank you for creating some magical words and context to what many times may have appeared like rambling discourse. You have met and exceeded all of our high expectations.” Robert J. Beall, President and CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“Under a very demanding schedule and with only a short time to familiarize yourself with the arcana of information sharing, you helped us turn out a product of which we are all proud. Your suggested style changes, coupled with your outstanding proofreading skills, provided the polish to the apple.” Tom Malarkey, PM for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE)

“…an editor of great talent and tact.” Dorothy James, author, A Place to Die: An Inspector Georg Buchner Mystery

“We are grateful to Janet Hulstrand for her close attention and perceptive additions to the manuscript.” Dorothy Law Nolte and Rachel Harris, authors, Children Learn What They Live: Parenting to Inspire Values

“I will always appreciate your thorough editing, and your questions, suggestions, and interest, which encouraged me to put out the best effort I could.” Tom Dent, author, Southern Journey: A Return to the Civil Rights Movement

“Janet Hulstrand goes well beyond the call of duty when she is hired to write an article. She does what it takes to make the final product the best it can be–even when unexpected problems arise. Janet’s work ethic is unparalleled and it is a pleasure working with her.” Elaina Loveland, executive editor, International Educator magazine

“What Parents Need to Know! Before, During, and After Education Abroad’ has by far outsold anything we have ever produced. The reviews have been fantastic.” Jan Steiner, editor, NAFSA publications

“Janet Hulstrand is an outstanding writer and editor. We assigned her to prepare the proceedings of a major national conference. She provided a highly accurate, beautifully laid-out product that has been internationally distributed. Hire this professional. You won’t be disappointed!” Jessica Townsend Teague, Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Fellowship Program

“…Marianne [Larned] tells me it was your meticulous probing and prodding that accomplished this extraordinary feat. My thanks and congratulations for an excellent job.” Will Glennon, publisher, Stone Soup for the World

“Janet Hulstrand helped make this book a reality. She nurtured, tutored, and cheered me on with warm enthusiasm…her knowledge and professional expertise, her dedication and commitment to the work, her insightful questions, and perceptive additions to the text have all made an enormous contribution.” Kim Foley, author, The Credibility Factor: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Creating a More Powerful Image 

“Janet Hulstrand was of great help in giving me advice and in editing my manuscript. I owe her a deep debt of gratitude for all the improvements she helped me make, and for preparing a super book proposal to show publishers and others. Thanks, Janet, for your professionalism and kindness.” Howard Steele, author, Bushels and Bales: A Food Soldier in the Cold War

“Your copy-editing changes were thoughtful and improved the final product; and your good proofing saved us from embarrassing errors. Thanks so much!” Senior Editor (book publishing client)

“I was thinking about you last week when I was in desperate need of a good editor and proofreader…” Director of Marketing (major accounting firm)


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