About My Editorial Approach


My purpose is to help you find the right words to say what you want to say in such a way that it will be clearly understood by others, and will help you to achieve whatever your purpose is in writing.

As a result of negative experiences with overly critical teachers and editors, many people have become fearful of writing, intimidated by the process, and unable to use words to open up the doors of opportunity, express themselves clearly, and experience the joy of creating a well-turned phrase (or whole text) that helps them say exactly what they want to say.

My queries will help you hone your message, clarify your thoughts, and avoid unfortunate (or even disastrous) misunderstandings. I can help you navigate and interpret the complicated, often confusing complexities of English grammar, style, and usage, and can help settle editorial disputes when called upon to do so. Throughout the editorial process, my focus is always on promoting clarity while remaining true to each client’s own unique style and voice.

If you would like to learn how to write better, I can help you do that. And if you prefer to leave the writing to me and focus on doing other things you like more, that’s fine too. But I will never tell you what you must do with your writing, or pretend that there is only one right way to create a text or express an idea. Those decisions—including the decision to leave it all to me—are up to you.


I charge for my services either on a project basis or at an hourly rate, with an estimate for the overall project. For large projects, my clients and I work out an agreement that unfolds in stages, so that they can plan and stay within a budget.

I approach each assignment as the unique project it is, and assign a rate based on my level of expertise and industry standards, taking into consideration both the complexity of the work and each client’s circumstances. A four-hour minimum, and payment of 50% of the estimated fee upfront, with the remainder due on delivery, is customary.


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